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#RockyDay Second Dispatch

I don’t want to punch anything yet. I know that can be a side effect off watching too many Rocky movies. So far I’m holding on.

I’ve cracked my second beer for Rocky II.

The gangster called Adrian “retarded” and suggested he bring her to a zoo in the first movie. The first thing he does when he gets out of the hospital is bring Adrian to a zoo!?

He’s bad with spending and he’s surprised that not having his High School diploma counts against him? I guess we’ll see how working in a meat factory works out for him. That’s exactly why they watch these movies, to see him work in a meat factory!

This movie is pretty good. Not as good as the first one, but I’m still in.

There have been a few delays because of snack breaks and meat checks. (Not that kind of meat check, I got the grill going.) This ordeal may take longer than initially planned.

I’m 3 beers in. One for one, Two for Two.

Here’s the chicken scene I’ve seen referenced in Creed!

I wonder how much that baby got paid too act in this movie. Oh shit, that was Seargeoh Stallone, his son! He probably didn’t get a dime!

I’ve never seen that movie Philadelphia but when I visited Philadelphia and went to the art museum and saw the Rocky statue, there coincidentally happened to be an AIDS walk going on.

There are the stairs again.

Their budget on extras was significantly higher in this movie than in the last one. Also they got better at lighting the crowd so you can’t see the empty seats.

4 beers.

The announcer just said “First Blood” which is probably where he got the idea for the Rambo movies.

He’s starting to be less dumb and have more smart ass comments…

I don’t know a lot about boxing, but I do know he should defend his face better.

Lets check on my meat.

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