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#RockyDay IV. America is the best.

He really likes to start these movies off with a recap of how the last movie ended.

Bridgette Neilson? That’s the girl who had a tv show with the weird looking clock necklace guy on VH1?

A fucking robot? What is happening!? There’s a robot in this movie. A character in this movie is a robot.

Rocky Jr. is a dick. He’s a spoiled brat and he’s gonna grow up to be a douche.

His eyes were shifty when they brought up anabolic steroids. They might be lying!

Nooo! Carl Weathers!

Sometimes Adrian wants him not to fight. Sometimes she encourages him. Which is it lady?

A montage of sadness plus driving a Lambo plus 80s ballad? Yeah this is almost exactly like the first Rocky! Why didn’t this one get a best picture nod?

Rocky, the American, is training the old fashion way with hard work and physical labor, in USSR. While Drago is training using the most advanced technology. Oh cold war propaganda.

Rocky looks like Shipwreck from G.I. Joes with that beard and jacket.

They injected Drago with a needle of some sort. I’m sure it was nothing. I’m sure Stallone doesn’t do that.

I just rememberd Rocky is partially blind in one of his eyes. I wonder if he remembers.

If Rocky doesn’t win this fight against a Russian in 1985 Stallone would be in jail and it wouldn’t have been one of the most financially successful sports films of all time.

“Suddenly Moscow is pro-Rocky!” yeah, that totally would happen.

I feel like I understand how non-sports fans feel watching these boxing matches. It doesn’t matter what happens. Either Rocky wins or he loses. And then what? And then I get to watch Rocky V. It doesn’t matter what happens. You win some you lose some.

I think Rocky ended the cold war. Nice job Rock.

Four Rocky’s and nine beers down. Moving on.

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