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#RockyDay First Dispatch

One Rocky movie in. Here are some updates/ thoughts I’ve had so far -Steven Richard K

Rocky statue in Philly 2012.

One Rocky movie in. Here are some updates/ thoughts I’ve had so far:

I love gritty 70s movies. Taxi Driver is probably my favorite movie. This movie beat out Taxi Driver and a couple other real good movies for best picture that year. This better be good.

Rocky, that pet store girl is just not into you. Give it a rest. Her name is “Adrian?” He yells that later probably. Something happens!? They get together?

Rocky got lucky Apollo found him in that book full of boxers.

Wow, she really doesn’t want to go out with him.

I guess his muscles worked. He got the girl. I should start working out. I’m married you say? Yeah true. (Grabs a beer)

I had a friend in High School that we called the Italian Stallion. Cool story, huh?

Neat. One of the fake news station microphones during the Apollo/Rocky press conference was “WFNX.” RIP 101.7

Its that song I played during football games in high school!

I’ve had 1 beer during Rocky (I). Once the numbers go up and the movies start to get ridiculous as I’ve heard they might I will have more and these will start to make less sense (or maybe more sense).

Yeah, this is a really good movie. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the movie Rocky, that won best picture in 1976, is a good movie.

I got my meat on the grill and the next beer cracked. Netflix knows Rocky II is next. Here we go.

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