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#RockyDay Dispatch V. Rock the Kasbah (?)

Who gave this boxing promoter a microphone at Rocky’s press conference?

Rocky has irreversible brain damage from boxing. He wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box to begin with. According to the doctor he can’t get licensed to box in any state because of his brain damage. I guess this Rocky movie will have no boxing in it.

I don’t want to watch boxing movies anymore. I feel like Rocky felt in a number of these movies. I’m ready to throw in the towel. I’m ready to give up. I don’t think I’m strong enough. I don’t think I’m strong enough to pay attention to this movie.

Holy shit they made a Rambo 4!?

The odds I will like the movie is very low. I feel like Rocky Balboa felt a lot of times in a lot of his movies. Crap I’m repeating myself.

I’ve done a lot of binge watching in my day. Most of my binge watching has come in the form high quality television. This is my first experience with binge watching movies. The higher the number in the Rocky Movie, the crappier the movie. When I’m binge watching a TV show, usually as time goes on and episodes get closer to the season finale it gets easier to watch because you want to keep watching because it gets more exciting. These movies are the opposite.

Oh no, Rocky Jr. got beat up and his coat stolen. If only he knew how to stand up for himself.

I just tried to take a break from Rocky for a minute. I was feeling cold on this autumn evening. I started putting up some window wraps before I started this experience. I decided to take a quick break and blow dry one of the wraps. I blew a fuse. Lesson learned. Keep watching Rocky.

Oh no. Rocky isn’t a good dad. He’s teaching this other guy while his own son is getting his ass kicked.

(ignores my own advice and applies another piece of saran wrap to the hundred year old windows)

Stallone realized hip hop became popular.

I’m watching but my heart isn’t in it. When this is over I will be happy. I’m done.

He punched that drunk Paulie, that’s a good reason to box Tommy! Oh good, a street fight. A fist fight on the street live on the news, yeah, probably.

He actually went into the museum! It only took him 5 movies.

Rocky 5/5.

Rocky II 4/5

Rocky III 3/5.

Rocky IV 3/5.

Rocky V 2/5.

5 movies, 11 hours, and 15 beers later I’m done. I’ve accomplished what I set out to accomplish and I’m a stronger man for it. I’m basically like Rocky, you know, because I watched 5 movies in a day. I’m free. I don’t have to watch any more Rocky movies today. I can do whatever I want. I’m free.

Thanks for participating in #RockyDay. Check the Movie review section of The Packie for my review of Creed out in late November.


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