How Bullshit Is The WGA’s Funniest Movies List?

Movies, Screenplays, Whatever.

The Writer’s Guild of America has released the 101 Funniest Screenplays and it is some bullshit. Should I differentiate between movies and screenplays? Maybe, but I won’t.

No Half Baked, Old School, Super Troopers, Knocked Up, Happy Gilmore or BeerFest? Come on. Office Space and Dumb & Dumber need to be much higher up on this list, too.  Also, how hard can you possibly slob Woody Allen’s knob? The guy has seven movies on there. I feel many of these movies are more amusing than actually laugh out loud funny, e.g.- every Wes Anderson film and over half of them came out before I was born, so fuck that. If I can’t culturally identify with it, I don’t care and therefore, this list sucks.

What else do you think should be on or off the list? Though it certainly isn’t a classic, I’m gonna leave this little gem here with you. Crass Artie Lange’s, Beer League.


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  1. You’ve opened up a can of worms Grimebone. I have quite a few thoughts.

    The first problem is with the lists itself. Generally they’re used in contexts like this to get attention to the website or magazine that published it. (Note to self. Make more lists for the Packie) opinions on films vary widely and ranking them numerically leaves a lot of people unhappy as to which got ranked where. Come Monday you’re gonna hear your favorite podcaster or radio show host talking about this list driving more people to their site.

    This is one dudes opinion on which screenplays were the funniest. First let’s focus on the fact that it’s one guy, not the WGA itself. Second he’s looking at screenplays. A lot of what goes into making a funny movie is the actors or the director. According to the article attached to it he’s also taking the element of satire into play.

    In my opinion comedy is something that generally does not age well. Many things that people found funny are not as funny decades later.

    There are a number of the movies on the list that are older than I am that I really do enjoy, there are many that I haven’t seen, and others I think are dog shit.

    I agree that on my list all those that you listed would appear. Overall I think it could be a pretty solid starting point if I were to start my own list. But, I love movies and I hate ranking them.

    Think of your favorite music album of all time. Now think of the individual tracks on that album. OK now rank them. For some people whatever but for many people like me I feel like that would be a very difficult task because every song has their own merits and they mean different things to me and they work together with the other songs to make a good album.

    So yes. Fuck this list because fuck most lists but also thanks for making this list for showing me some holes in comedies that are well regarded that I may have not seen.

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