Blake Shelton Saves Local Okies From Mudslide, Was Not At T.G.I. Friday’s

I wouldn’t mind being trapped in a large frozen alcoholic beverage.

Earlier today, Blake Shelton took some time off from banging Gwen Stefani to help pull out a couple of local Okies whose truck had become stuck in a mudslide. Unfortunately, they were not drinking at T.G.I. Fridays. Once, he and his dog, Betty, could not free them with his truck, The Voice star returned with his tractor to pry them from the clutches of the mudslide. Sheesh, Shelton sounds like a living, breathing country song. I bet he cracked a couple of Bud Heavies with them, too.

I would have also believed that Blake Shelton was at a local T.G.I. Friday’s and intercepted the drink order of a group of young men about to order some frozen Mudslides. “Nah man, you don’t want them Mudslides. They have a lot of calories, sugar and the hangover is a bitch. Plus, they make you look like a pussy.”

Hey @arty84comedy, I didn’t know you lived in Oklahoma. Is Blake Shelton nice in real life?



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