Check Out Bloomingdale’s New, Rapey Christmas Ad

Maybe if she wasn’t drinking Egg Nog this wouldn’t have happened.

Fire up the PC Police wagon because Bloomingdale’s has done gone and fucked up and is drawing the ire of SJW’s the world over.


“Spike Your Best Friend’s Eggnog When They’re Not Looking”

Not a good look, Bloomingdale’s. I mean, it doesn’t say, “Slip a Mickey in her egg nog when she is not looking and once thoroughly incapacitated, go full Darren Sharper on her,” but in the current cultural climate, you may have wanted to rethink this one. It is a little awkward and rapey. She probably shouldn’t be dressing like that if she didn’t want to catch a rapin’ but that guy does look like he is just chomping at the bit to give her a Hot Cosby.  You think Nordstrom or Lord & Taylor is gonna let this happen? No, those places are classy. Clean it up, Bloomingdales.

Hey, at least they aren’t holding a holiday Starbucks cup. Now THAT would have been offensive.


P.S.- If this is Bloomingdale’s Marketing Department’s idea of good advertising, I would be down to party with them. Those dudes probably know how to get down. The kind of people who will shove a little cocaine up your nose when you are passed out on the couch at a party. Just gotta watch out for the rape, I guess.

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