Top 3 training programs to burn calories and help athletic performance. On a treadmill! 

Although treadmills have a reputation to be damaging to you physically and your success they also serve a great purpose. As most people will recommend “run outside its better for you” I’ll recommend trying these programs and tracking your gains.You will find great results by varying the 3 types of treadmill work through out your training.
PROGRAM 1. High intensity interval training. Find a speed that allows you to be comfortable for full strides and a deep push for at least 30 seconds. Then alternate to a comfortable walking pace for 20-45 seconds. Complete 10-15 sets depending on training goals. This is a great way to burn calories fast while maintaining muscle fullness.
Program 2. A great way to help build endurance without balancing with the aspects of nature. Hop on a treadmill and get to a comfortable walking pace. Every minute or so increase the speed by .5-1.0 mph. Do this until you reach a comfortable distance speed. Go back down by the same intervals which are timed depending on training goals. This will allow you to get used to all different speeds and allow yourself to ease into the distance runs.

Program 3. Up hill walking will pack a huge punch for calorie burning. Get on a treadmill put up the incline and find a comfortable walking speed. The incline adds for an intense cardio session. You are guaranteed to sweat and build up your cardio wind.
With these three programs you should see great results. Not only will they help with athletic performance they will allow you to stay injury free and build up your wind.

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