Does Your Boss Have Your Back Like Jerry Jones Would Have Your Back?


Does your boss have your back? I doubt it. One thing is for sure; if Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys was your boss, he would definitely have your back. Coming on the heels of a very damning report from Deadspin, Jerry Jones has released a statement in support of his employee, Dallas Cowboys defensive end and woman beating, garbage human Greg Hardy. Is it questionable to stand up for a piece of shit like Greg Hardy? Sure is. One this is for certain though, Jerry Jones is not going to hang out you out to dry in public. Double J is your ride or die bitch.

Would your boss do something like that for you? Probably not. Your boss would probably write you up for being fifteen minutes late to work on Monday morning and then try to fire you when he finds out that you have been taking home toilet paper from the work place bathroom. Then, he would probably tell Joyce from Human Resources that he had a bad feeling about you the second you were hired. Meanwhile, Jerry Jones is defending Dez Bryant’s pet monkey, telling you Brandon Weeden is actually on of the league’s best quarterbacks and bolstering his underachieving head coach, Jason Garrett. Let’s not forget that Jerry Jones IS a crazy, old man and he is a little off base in his unflinching support of Greg Hardy but he doesn’t seem so bad to work for. In a day and age where anyone will cut you down at the knees to save face, Jerry Jones isn’t going to throw you under the bus. He is going to pull up in that bus and say, “Come with me if you want to live.”

aaaaand for posterity. Laugh out loud failure of a play. I was in AC surrounded by Eggles fans when this happened. Probably the only time it will benefit you to be in the presence of any Philadelphia fan.


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