Addicted to fantasy sports? Top 5 signs you’re too invested 

While fantasy sports can be fun and rewarding they can also take a strong toll on your health. Here are the top 5 signs you’re too invested.
1. You stay up late to see how your players did. You check your phone every 2 seconds on a Monday and Thursday night losing you 2 hours of sleep for Friday and Tuesday.
2. You get into arguments about trades other people want to make. While a Vito on a trade may be necessary it may come down to personal opinions on someone else’s decisions.
4. You have separate funds for just fantasy sports. If you have more than one investment in multiple leagues then you may be too into it. When money is involved team management becomes a top daily task.
4. You get really stressed out about injuries and talk about them with everyone. You think everyone is going to want to hear about everything going on with your team.
5. You ask people if they play and when they respond if they say yes they’re either your best friend or your enemy. Once you have an option on a player there’s nothing anyone can say to change your mind.

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