WWE’s Main Event Vaccuum: A Creative Sandbox Waiting to Get Dug

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Seth Rollins, John Cena, Randy Orton. Gone, baby, gone. With only a handful of established feuds, the WWE has the obligation to bandage their wounded championship scene, yet the freedom to explore some wildly imaginative stories to fill the gap. Here are some thoughts on who may be the next man to hold the WWE title:

The Wyatt Family’s New Prize

Braun Strowman shows no signs of weakness. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have returned to the fold. They’ve dismantled the Brothers of Destruction. What’s to stop Bray Wyatt from pursuing his vision for a new world by capturing the WWE title and putting his army of loyal, bearded goliaths between him and any foolish challenger? Follow the buzzards.

The Undeniable Reign of Roman Reigns…Fellah

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are the two remaining members of The Shield still on The Authority’s bad side. Teaming up has proved fruitful and individually each man has shone. It’s hard imagining a tournament final that doesn’t come down to these sworn brothers, but the question is, who turns? For either man, it means going back on everything they’ve fought and stood for in their brief careers as heroes. And should either man stand tall as a new John Cena, what’s to stop a little Brogue from ruining their moment?

It’s a New Champ, Yes It Is!

We’ve been treated to unicorns, trombones, and memorable chants thanks to the juggernaut trio The New Day. Kofi Kingston has said several brushes with the top echelon and Big E has the size and charisma to be the WWE’s poster child. With Xavier Woods backing either man, or even a Freebirds Rule for the WWE title, who could be sour?

He Fights For a Prize. He Fights For His Family

The longest in a list of long shots, Kevin Owens has the most stated desire to be champion of any man on the active roster. He will do whatever it takes to get exactly what he wants to whomever he pleases. Perhaps it’s time to KO the status quo?

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