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Why WWE Divas Benefit From An Absent John Cena, Seth Rollins, & Randy Orton

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The women of the Diva’s Revolution have an undeniably rare chance to demand more time on WWE programming. Their passion, athleticism, and dynamically evolving characters can help establish a new standard in women’s wrestling; one that harkens back and threatens to surpass the heyday of Trish Stratus and Lita.

By The Numbers

The Four Horsewomen of NXT have a larger opportunity than ever to stand out. Capable dance partners like Natalya, Paige, and a bevy of erstwhile Divas should keep any fan optimistic about the future of WWE’s women’s wrestling. Here’s this writer’s view of who stands to gain the most from the WWE’s injury vaccum:

1. Charlotte: current WWE Divas Champ who can begin her legacy in earnest after dispatching Nikki Bella. Story lines can, and should, now evolve past her being Ric Flair’s daughter.

2. Paige: current #1 contender, a former Divas champion, and the most outspoken on the mic. The pale anti-angel is poised to steal plenty of limelight in the coming months.

3. Sasha Banks: the crowd’s current favorite and arguably WWE’s best all-around female talent. Her last two performances at NXT Takeover events have been match of the year candidates. Can she capture the same magic on the main roster?

4. Natalya: former WWE Divas champ who can reestablish her in-ring dominance in a crowd of hungry female wrestlers. Have years of being a valet taken too much away from Natalya’s former dominance? Is this Natalya’s revolution?

5. Becky Lynch: although she’s cooling in Charlotte’s shadow, she can break out at any time with a ton of charisma and technical prowess. The Lass Kicker is as formidable as she is explosive.

6. Naomi: another overshadowed Diva thanks to Sasha Banks’ recent momentum, there’s still time for the former Funkadactyl to fly to new heights

7. Alicia Fox: the oft-forgotten 3rd member of Team Bella, Alicia Fox is another former Divas champ who is adaptable enough to be a fierce foil to any of the above women

8. Brie Bella: It’s never too late to become the in-ring prodigy one should expect from the wife of Daniel Bryan

9. Tamina: more of an honorable mention but still a diva with more visibility than current valets like Summer Rae and Lana

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