Need Another Reason To Hate The Police? Well Look No Further

Police officer pulls over woman for speeding. What happens next will leave you speechless.


As if you needed another reason to hate the police, what this Somerville police officer did shock you. Officer Ashley Catatao pulled over Robin Sutherland of Alewife Brook Parkway for speeding. After running her credentials and deeming that only a written warning was necessary, she returned to the pulled over vehicle and found the driver crying. The Police Officer insisted there was nothing to be upset about, that she was only issuing a warning, Sutherland then told Catatao she had just put her elderly mother into hospice care and that is why she was crying. Though their encounter brief, Catatao was awash in empathy and felt compelled to reach out in consolation. She then went to the local florist and sent Sutherland a bouquet of flowers and words of support  and compassion. “I felt bad because it’s not like I could have sat there and talked with her,” Catatao said. “It’s not like I could have hugged her. She was on her way to work, and I was working.”

photo: Twitter - @JennyWCVB

photo: Twitter – @JennyWCVB

What a piece of shit, right? Cops really need to be held to a higher standard.


P.S. – Anyone else find it a little weird the police officer used the woman’s personal information to track her down to send her flowers? This instance gets a pass, but jeez, I can imagine a cop using this kind of information to get real creepy. I bet that has never happened before, though. 

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