Not That Great; Justin Timberlake And Some Other Guy Perform Not Country Song At CMA’s

Justin Timberlake is not Otis Redding.


Last night on ABC was the Country Music Awards. You probably didn’t see it because you were too busy NOT living in a trailer and NOT having sex with your cousin. Justin Timberlake, always desperate for attention and mainstream approval, performed a song with Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty. The Internet can’t stop sucking itself dry over the performance and it goes to show that modern “country” fans could be entertained by a pie tin and invisible string. These are probably the same people who find The Big Bang Theory funny. Write a song about drinking and heartbreak; sing it with a twang and *presto* – these garbage people think it is profoundly amazing. This song isn’t even country. It is a soul song and Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, and Al Green are all rolling over in their collective graves at how much people like this bullshit. You decide for yourself.

Otis Redding, Justin Timberlake is not.

Stick to suckling from the teet of Jimmy Fallon, Justin. #TeamBSB


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