Movie Review: Spotlight

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If you’re at all like me, you’re going to spend a lot of this movie, that takes place in and was filmed in Boston, trying to recognize many of the places in the film. And then when you realize what this film about, you’re going to be horrified.

This movie is “the true story behind the scandal that shook the world” which, I assume this is just a tag line is just to try to get people to see the movie.

Jesus Christ.

This is real. This is brutal. The Boston Globe won the Pulitzer Prize for the reporting of this story the movie is based on. The people involved with these crimes are going to burn in hell.

You know what this movie is about. You know how its going to unfold. It’s horrifying. Its a story that needs to be told. They do a good job telling it. They give the victims a voice. This movie shows people fighting for the voiceless. It’s entertaining and you might cry.

Yes, I know this is kinda supposed to be a manly sports and entertainment website. You might cry though.

Oh shut up. You cried during the first 5 minutes of Up.

This movie also does a great job glorifying newspaper reporters and shows the start of the fall of newspapers because of the internet. It makes me, an untrained internet journalist, want to do a better job at reporting stories. Also you’re reading this on a website and you didn’t pay for a newspaper to read this review. Congratulations, we are killing the newspaper industry.

I’m gonna guess Ruffalo is going to get a supporting actor nod and the movie might get some more.

Spotlight is in theaters this weekend.

TLDR: 4.5/5. This was an intense movie about an uncomfortable subject. Its done in a respectful manner that keeps your attention and makes you feel the whole time. Probably wait for the Redbox or Netflix disc but if you see it in the theater you wont be disappointed.

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