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According To Report, Patriots Fans NOT The Drunkest In NFL. Let’s Change That

Drink like a champion today

According to a new report, New England Patriots fans are NOT the drunkest in the NFL. The Patriots are supposed to be the best at everything, so let’s take off the skirts, untuck our balls and show this country what our livers are made of. This Sunday, I wanna see all of you slamming Bud Lights and shots of Fireball until you are stumbling, black out drunk during the Pats game. Let’s just hope Rob “Yo Soy Fiesta” Gronkowski doesn’t find out about this. He may be so disappointed in our lack of dedication to partying that he might just quit playing football for the Patriots.

The top 4 on this list make quite a bit of sense. You have to be getting devastatingly drunk to be ok with living in Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland and Philly, especially during football season. What a list of garbage cities.  One team BAC I don’t buy is the New Orleans Saints. You ever been to New Orleans? Drunkest place in the country. I think this is the anomaly where people are so drunk that they are completely incapable of taking a breathalyzer.


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