Your Trusty Old Clean Up Method Is Now Your New Favorite Tennis Player; Jack Sock

Contain your excitement with Jack Sock.


Have you been looking to get into tennis but don’t have a favorite player? Well look no further than American tennis player and masturbatory cleanup method, Jack Sock. Think about it. There is a man who swats balls for a living named Jack Sock and, as a teenager, you probably swatted your own balls for a living as you jacked off into a sock. It’s like you two already know each other. As for his playing style, Jack Sock is very aggressive and his balls are known to spray all over the court.  Oddly enough, he has had a lot more success playing doubles than by playing with himself. His brother, not named Jim, is also a professional tennis player. The real gem of the family, though, is his younger cousin, Jizz Rag, who has shown the ability to absorb the game just as quickly as his older cousin, Jack.


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