Rocky Day

There’s really only one man in the ring… -Steven Richard K

Rocky statue in Philly 2012.

The movie Creed comes out on Thanksgiving Day. Creed is the 7th movie in the Rocky series. As the (self proclaimed) first run movie reviewer for The Packie, and the proud owner of a movie pass, I will certainly be seeing it.

Normally I would consider just shrugging Creed off, but it’s being directed by and starred in by the guys who made Fruitvale Station, the 2013 film about the police shooting in an Oakland BART station, Ryan Coogler and Michael B Jordan respectively, which I thought was well made and acted.

But here’s the thing…

I’ve never watched any of the Rocky movies. I know. Stop yelling at me. I know. I’m admitting this to you so that I can right the wrong. I used to watch Tough Man amateur boxing on FX with my dad growing up. I saw 3 Ninjas which has a character named Rocky. I just watched Million Dollar Baby the other day. So its basically the same thing, yeah? No. No, huh.

Lucky for me Rocky I-V are available on Netflix for instant streaming. Therefore I propose making a day of it. The run time of the first 5 Rocky movies is just about 9 hours. For the sake of the readers of this website I will watch all 5 movies in a row and I will document my experiences.

I will call it “Shrek Week!” Oh wait no, that one was already taken. I will call it. “The Rocky Road: Steven Richard K’s journey through time by way of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Movies.” No maybe that’s too long. Probably just “Rocky Day” for short.

As a new contributor to The Packie I would like to invite any other contributors to the site, who are available November 14th and willing to watch 5 movies in one day while drinking a bunch of beers (and probably taking a Lyft home).

Check out for updates throughout the day on Saturday November 14th. You can join us too if you are going to participate at home. Tweet us with #RockyDay @thepackie @StevenRichardK if you are joining along.

Steven Richard K is the host of the Search for a Cohost podcast ( and a member of the sketch group Mister Bismuth.

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