It’s November 4th. Time To Put Up Or Shut Up and Vote, Internet

It’s Election Day.

The Internet has got a lot to say on the issues that face the world on a day to day basis. Well, guess what? Today is different. Today is Election Day. The one day of the year where your opinion actually matters. It is time to go troll the polls. If you haven’t yet, register to vote¬†and go out there and let your voice be… wait, what is that you say? Elections were yesterday? Shit, just missed ’em. Why don’t they have this shit on the same day every year? Big Politics at work. Doing everything they can to make sure the millennial vote is silenced by having it fall on a different date every year. What do they think this is, Thanksgiving? Oh well. Much like being a Cubs fan, there is always next year, I guess.


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