Who Benefits Most From Absent John Cena & Randy Orton?

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With Cena filming for FOX and Orton sidelined by injury, the door is wide open for healthy superstars to establish themselves:

The Divas

The revolution within WWE’s women’s division can arguably now start in earnest. Now that the longest reigning women’s champ in history has been dethroned, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Natalya, and Paige can set about finishing the transition away from women as strictly eye candy and clumsy athleticism to aggressive, engaging battles between female warriors. Will the Fourth Horsewoman of NXT, Bayley, continue the revolution come Wrestlemania?

Would-Be World Champs

Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose. Alberto Del Rio. Kevin Owens. Sheamus.

These five men have been world heavyweight champs or have the momentum and influence to become one. Reigns and Ambrose have watched their former Shield ally Seth Rollins ascend to poster boy status while they’ve either been paired unsuccessfully opposite the WWE’s new golden child or languished in feuds with mid-card gate keepers. Del Rio and Owens hold what used to be golden tickets to world championship feuds while Sheamus lurks with the actual golden briefcase to stardom. It’s hard to imagine one of these five men without a world title between now and Mania.

The Tag Division

Never have the WWE’s penny belts meant more than they do now. The New Day have been a revelation akin to the run the Fabulous Freebirds had in pro wrestling’s territory days. Standards like The Dudley Boys have returned to challenge them while newer teams like The Lucha Dragons and The Acension offer enough variety to keep the champs busy. We may even see Sheamus snag some extra gold with the oft-underused King Barrett or an NXT tandem like The Realest Guys in The Room debut to really shake up the scene. How you doin’?

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