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Swinging – The girl never came – 18+ Content


I am a swinger, I am a male who likes to have relations with the lady in other couples. Me and the men involved never take part in the adventure but there have been a few situations where things got close. I was on the craigslist one afternoon on casual encounters. I responded to a post and a guy told me to come by and play with him and his girlfriend. So i take the train to his stop and walk down the street. He was a giant African man from Chicago and his lady of the night was a smaller black lady who was down for the DP, so he said. I walk into the house and he offers me a drink “where is your lady?” I ask. He said she was running late. Now i have seen this trick before, get the guy over, try to get him to do stuff without the girl, not my first rodeo sir. I sit down and have a drink at his very nice establishment. He then puts on some hardcore porn to try to get me in the mood and explains that he is an expert on going down on guys. I go, sir I am all set, what time is your lady coming. He text her and goes probably a little later, I told him I was going to go and for him to call me back when his lady shows up. Listen I am all about joining in, but with the lady, not the man. I got a text 3 hours later saying she never showed but we should plan on this again. I never called, i know his plan.


#WOFH – Wolf of Faneuil Hall


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