Movie Review: Burnt

Hot guy cooks, but does it leave a taste in your mouth? -Steven Richard K


Bradley Cooper is a chef who did some bad things that included alcohol and drugs and double crossing and he decides everything is cool now so its time to be a chef again. He gathers a team and cooks things for people who care about things that are cooked.

I didn’t really care. Cooper’s character didn’t really show any growth and didn’t really seem to learn anything along the way. I wasn’t bored with this movie, but I didn’t care about the characters at all

Good food shows or movies make me hungry even after I’ve already eaten. I went into this movie already hungry but the shots of food didn’t do anything for me. If it were done right my mouth would have been watering.

This movie had a legitimate product placement/ native advertising/ sponsorship from Burger King, so I guess you could say their desire to keep this flick at the highest quality was not at the top of the list. This also felt like a long commercial for sous-vide (cooking food in water sealed in plastic bags).

By the end of the movie I was rooting against him, which was not the director’s intention at all.

TLDR: 2/5. I wasn’t bored by this movie but it didn’t satiate my hunger either. Story was okay and there were some cool directing choices. If you thought maybe this was for you I guess you could wait for this to go on Netflix Instant or instead just watch Chef which is streaming now and was done way better.

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