God Hates The Mets, Daniel Murphy. Elimination Looms

Smote by God, Daniel Murphy pulls the muleta.

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Daniel Murphy, the baseball player who was playing well and disagreeing with your gay lifestyle, has been smote by God.  The New York Mets second baseman took a cue from the Matador’s playbook and pulled the muleta on Eric Hosmer’s light infield chopper.

This was a HUGE blunder. It allowed a run to score, tying the game and setting up the go head runs in the bottom of the eighth. If Murphy comes up with the ball cleanly and records the 2nd out of the inning, the game would look completely different. Two outs with runners on second and third to preserve a one run lead is a far cry from being tied up with a men on first and third with one out. This is especially painful as Daniel Murphy goes from being the Mets’ Postseason GOAT to the sacrificial lamb. Even more so, the 30 year old has been looking down the barrel of what may be his last big pay day in his upcoming free agency. One that he seemed primed to cash in on with his Citi Field folk hero status, yet is now sure to be negatively affected with one bout of not getting his glove dirty. Plenty of teammates have come to his sympathetic defense; citing that without his incredible play in baseball’s 2015 playoffs they may have never even made it to the World Series. True or not, if the Mets do concede the Commissioner’s Trophy to the Royals, it will be Murphy’s blemish that will be the indelible mark of the series.

Adding to the woes of the Mets, their previously un-hittable closer, Jeurys Familia, just can’t seem to blow out the candle in the biggest spotlight. The Dominican, who hadn’t blown a save since June 30th against the San Diego Padres, has now squandered two leads in two opportunities in the World Series.

The final twist of the knife into the backs of Mets fans was the abysmal base running of Yoenis Cespedes. To record the final out of the game, Cespedes took off for second despite the fact that Mike Moustakas caught a soft line drive off the broken bat  of Lucas Duda. He was forced out at first for the double play. There was no where to go to begin with, as the runner ahead of him currently occupying second barely even moved off the bag. Bottom of the ninth with two men on and one out, down by two is going to require a little more diligence on the base bath if you would like to win a World Series. Not to mention, earlier in the game he misplayed a Salvadore Perez fly ball that resulted in a double, which in turn, led to the Royals first score of the night. Yoenis Cespedes has always been a trick or treat player which makes it especially fitting that this game was on Halloween. Mets fans at Citi Field knocked on his door, but when he answered, he was all out of candy.

The Mets’ backs are up against the wall. They have a murderer’s row of starting pitchers to fight themselves out of the corner they have painted themselves in. They have exceeded expectations so far and may do it one more time before the 2015 season comes to a close. History and I doubt it though.


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