Movie Review: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Does this zombie flick have enough humor and thrills for the average viewer’s hunger for brains? -Steven Richard K

Lately we’ve been spoiled with sweet movies and TV shows that have portrayals of zombies and how humans would react to them. Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on TV right now which has done so well it launched a spin off. 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead have shown us that movies that have zombies can actually be good movies too.

Most movies that feature zombies are terrible. Horror movies can be made for cheap and often not a lot of time is spent on the script or making sure the acting is up to par. You don’t need many surprises when it comes to the horror genre because the suspense or the scares are built in. And because I don’t appreciate those things I am frequently not amused by horror movies, unless they give me something different. Cabin in the Woods was amazing. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil put a great spin on that genre of movie.

Will Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse be more of the same or will it bring enough thrills and laughs to keep movie goers hungry for brains and frames?

To use a phrase I’ve heard said frequently by talent manager Barry Katz on his podcast Industry Standard, “you need to be huggable and loveable” and in this movie I did not find the main characters huggable and loveable. I loved, star of this movie Tye Sheridan, in Mud and Joe, but in this movie I did not find him and his other co-stars worthy of my empathy, which may not have been their fault.

This movie starts like a less good version of Super Bad plus scouting. They’re trying but they don’t get there. So buddy film with camping and crushes then zombies and then save people and then love story and you know the rest.

When making a zombie movie it’s important to stick to the rules. This movie does that just fine. But filmmakers have to be aware that we have knowledge of rules from other zombie movies in our heads as well. There were multiple times when people’s faces were covered in blood and there is blood in their mouths and noses and nothing happens. Apparently, you have to be bit (with teeth not just gums) in order for the disease to spread. They acknowledge the existence of zombies and actually use the word a few times, which is appreciated.

At one point before they saved the day they crashed through the window of a TRUE VALUE (nice product placement) and they made weapons from things that they found in the hardware store. This isn’t home alone. You can die. You’re running around California, people have already used guns, you were in a POLICE STATION. Find some guns!

This movie had a few really good laughs. One of which was the slow motion scene after the police station involving zombie boobs and the other involves a zombie’s penis.

This movie is in theaters everywhere October 30th.

TLDR: 2.5/5 As far as zombie movies goes this one is above average but as far as movies go this one is mostly more of the same. This movie has a few laughs and thrills that will keep you entertained. Wait for this one to go on Netflix instant.

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