Is going viral enough justice?


Now I have a daughter that is a young adult and would never want this happening to her. This guy is a creep and deserves to be caught. Now, with that being said. Wouldn’t it of been more effective in finding him if she just called the cops and followed him till they showed up? Not whip out her camera, film him, then post it to social media asking the world to help identify him. With social media being the way it is we seem to be so quick to try and go viral with stuff we witness on our city streets. Yeah this guy was humiliated and I enjoyed seeing him walk around clueless not knowing what to do. I just think it would of been funnier to see him shit himself when the cops showed up and checked his phone then arrested him. Yeah with all the shares he will be located and unless he is a complete dumbass, his phone is wiped and this girl will not get any justice. Unless his humiliation is her justice then mission accomplished. I would rather him have it on his permanent record than in a video that will resurface years to come on whatever social media site is ruling the world.
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