Some Rednecks Make bad Bar Guests


Hello World,

Here is a site for all you out there who need to vent or want to share a story, but are scared your boss will find out. Now those days are over. This page is completely anonymous. I came up with the idea of this site after working a shift the other night. These 3 middles asshole sexist guys walk in and basically treat me and my co-worker like crap for no reason at all. I am the type that if your rude, I’m gonna be rude right back. To get respect is to show respect. An brings me to the thought where I think everyone should have to work is hospitality at least 1 year to enter society, it would make everyone more appreciative. Don’t get me wrong, there are terrible people in the industry, but most of use are just doing our jobs.

So as for these three guys, as they are leaving, saying how terrible we were. Funny because you never had less then a half of beer in front of you and your food came out quick with no issues, terrible i guess because i was talking to my co-worker and you were able to stare at her boobs and be a pig to her. People like that need to go to hell. Its mostly middle aged men too. anyone ever teach you manors? How would you like if someone treated your kid like that? oh that’s right your a single piece of crap who the only way there would be a chance of you reproducing is if you bought a hooker.


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