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Gut wrenching and heartwarming . -Steven Richard K

I’ve heard so much about Tommy Wiseau’s The Room before I even went in. I couldn’t believe it was getting a wide release after years as a cult classic.

Huh? Oh. No “The,” got it. Different movie. Got it.

All I knew walking in is its got real high ratings on RT. I’ve heard word of mouth that it’s supposed to be good and there’s a mother with child in the poster. (I had seen the trailer but luckily I forgot. I just re-watched the trailer now, skip the trailer, it gives away the whole movie and makes you think it is a different movie than it is.) After my experience with Woodlawn (which I saw had a high RT score and was an idie) I sort of had a thought in my head that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea to walk in with such little info. Woodlawn was so bad it made me lose faith in movies and I fucking love movies.

This movie is why I love movies. I bought in from minute one. I was sucked in and I was living with the main characters and I wanted to know more. I was anxious throughout the entire movie and it felt good to be so uncomfortable.

This movie opens with a woman and her four-year-old son in “room.” Why are they there? Answered after a few minutes. This movie gives you a few more questions and answers them in a satisfying way a short time later. The story is told from the perspective of the little boy, which is really well done and he really pulled it off.

There was a time or two when I sort of went “I don’t know about that,” but I bought into this movie and cared so much about the characters that I let them go.

This is a Canadian/Irish film so I don’t know if this is technically a foreign film. If it is, this will probably be a front runner for best foreign film. This may even be nominated for Best Picture. The fact that it is a small independent movie might get it overlooked. I guess that all depends how big the hype is and how wide of a release it gets.

Room is in select theaters now but opens wide November 6th.

This is a really good movie. If you’re going to go to the movies, check this one out. You don’t have to see it in the theater. You could probably wait until the Redbox or Netflix disc comes out (unless you’re an Oscar contender completest). I’m going to think about these characters and what I went through for a while.

TLDR: 5/5. I loved this movie. It turned my stomach and I will be thinking about these characters and how it made me feel for a while. If you’re going to the theater definitely check this one out, but you could probably wait to check it out at home.

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