TheWolfOfFaneuilHall: Its works 100% of the time 1% of the Time


Alright guys out there, I’m sure this has happen to you before. Ever been sitting at the bar and a smoke show sweet heart of a bartender is working? I’m sure it has happen a time or two. You were able to strike up some convocation, but she was to busy to get to know anymore about her other then a name and age. Maybe she is giving you the eye? maybe you just think she is. She does get paid by tips guys so you have to take that in consideration. We all know that some girls are pros at being fake, so don’t get crushed if it was a front.

Here is what you do guys and I am telling you do it 100 times it may work once, but that is one time more than if you didn’t try it. When your paying your check, write you number on the receipt. say ” It was nice talking to you, if you wanna chat some more some time shoot me a txt” then leave your name and number. Once in a blue moon you will be surprised how it can work. The more initial talk them ore lucky you are to get a response. Remember though, these girls get hit on everyday and they work for tips so unless they see something special about you consider it a loss in the book.



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