Obama Calls To Scale Back Standardized Testing, Dumb Kids Everywhere Rejoice

Do you not perform well on standardized tests? You are probably dumb and Obama is sick and tired of watching you perform poorly as well. “Wahhhh, my kid is an idiot and I am tired of these tests proving it, wahhhhh.” Is there some other way to test these students skills without, ya know, tests? Most children don’t like going to compulsory school and all of them hate tests, but is getting rid of standardized testing going to fix why a percentage of them can’t go through a process to prove that they have retained an adequate amount of information they have been taught? Probably not. Have some self respect, study and don’t embarrass yourself and your family by putting up SPED style numbers on your standardized tests. Kids and parents these days are fucking soft. Astronomical amounts of money is spent year in and year out to educate these morons, let’s not rig the system so they don’t have to go through the shame that they deserve when they do don’t do well. You think China is going to let their students pull this shit? No way. They will be threatened to be thrown in the local river with their three older sisters if they fail. Thanks a lot, Obama.


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