Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins: The Art of the Double Turn

rollins v regins

The WWE can flip heroes and villains when needed. For a recent example, consider how a villainous World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler earned the sympathy of a PPV crowd over would-be hero Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio savagely took Ziggler’s championship by exploiting on-camera concussion like symptoms of the then champ by viciously stomping his head and kicking it until Ziggler couldn’t continue. Fans bought into the role reversal. It’s time for it to happen again.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are poised to clash at WWE’s Survivor Series. Seth Rollins has proven since winning the WWE’s top prize at Wrestlemania 31 that he, not Roman Reigns or odd Shield man out Dean Ambrose, is the diamond from their legendary trio. Roman Reigns has shown that, despite being a talented athlete and charismatic tough guy, he isn’t in the same realm character wise as Rollins. But with a simple twist, that all can change.

It seems The Authority, the villainous combo of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, have an unspoken hands off policy when it comes to the heroic Reigns. It was never fully explained why the duo put Reigns in last year’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship ladder match, despite Triple H literally doing battle with Reigns in months prior. It’s further puzzling that The Authority avoided hassling Roman thereafter, despite going out of their way to torture Dean Ambrose and even their own allies like Kane. Could it be they’re silently putting stock in a would-be hero most adult wrestling fans reject?

Seth Rollins, meanwhile, has become the undeniable king of the mountain for the WWE. His matches, promos, and slimy but talented weasel character have made him a guaranteed highlight of any television of PPV event. It’s hard not to back a winner when he has the support of the people. Does the office agree? Or do they see an ego problem that needs to be fixed?

Sooner than later, we should see a betrayed Seth Rollins chase a newly christened corporate champion in Roman Reigns. Reigns needs the support and much needed time away from the mic. Rollins has proven capable of flourishing with or without a title. Swapping hats is best for business.

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