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HELLO: Adele Puts The Crown Back On.

Think pop music is garbage? The way music is progressing a downtrend in musical creativity? Well, sit back and take a listen to a new track from one of the world’s best, Adele. Her newest release, “Hello,” off her upcoming album, “25,” is captivating to say the least.

Much known for her dynamic, soulful voice; this track ruminates over a reverb-set piano. The vocals swell with triumphant confidence into airy whispers. The keys of the piano provide the most basic percussive element to the song, yet seem to be the only real hard rhythm necessary despite what middling bounces you can also hear. The paced drive of the keys seem compelled to compliment Adele’s quivering EKG of vocal notes. The choral arrangements rich and melding to her will.

You may not like the song, or Adele for that matter, but, take a good hard listen to this song and appreciate the modern talent it exhibits.


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