Is crashing a wedding at the Lani Kai really like crashing a wedding at all?

Ok so here is a little story. I’m down in fort Myers Florida a few months ago and hadn’t been there in 6 months. I of course have to make the journey down to the beach to my old hang out the Lani Kai. Now I have been removed from this place many of times, mostly before 21. My sister lost a Sandel here back in spring break 2007.  

So I’m down in the bar having a beer and there isn’t a soul there. Bands playing for no one and it’s a Thursday too. So they added this new funtction room on the 1st floor. Well I thought it was another part of their bar/club areas, boy was I incorrect sir.

I walk in and sit at the bar. The bartender gives me an odd look. I’m there for 10 minutes before I look around and noticed people are all dressed up and then as the dj says “up next thr groomsmen will sing a song” I look at the bartender and go “shit am I crashing a wedding here dressed in jeans and a pink shirt?” And she goes “yes what the hell are you doing ?” I’m like is this room new or something? I thought this was like club Lani Kai lol

Come on who gets married at the Lani Kai, specially on a Thursday?? Oh wait I’m in Florida aka America’s penis 

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