So long Back to the Future Day

So as Back To The Future Day comes to an end I offer my last theory on something that has been brought to my attention. As a huge BTTF fan. I am ashamed I hadn’t thought of this before Adam brought it up on a recent podcast we recorded. Now think back to a few times in part two where on a two occasions Marty is about to face his demise. Just like an RKO from WWE’s Randy Orton ,, Doc shows up “outta nowhere” and rescues Marty from dying with the help of the DeLorean. It’s obvious that Doc had traveled back in time because he had witnessed Marty die, and was able to travel back in time to prevent Marty from being shot on top of Biff’s Casino or Biff slamming him between the poop truck and his battle tank of a car. How else do you explain why Doc was in the right place with the DeLorean at the right time. Now of course they don’t have time to show it and it would be dumb to mention it in the movie. My mind was blown and also upset I didn’t think of it before. Damn you Adam. ALSO kind of glad this day has come and gone because now we never have to see some idiot post a meme every year in October that “This is the day Marty arrives from 1985” shit. -VP Powers

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