Lamar Odom Boxes Out James Harden, Rebounds Khloe Kardashian

Despite not having logged meaningful NBA minutes since his last go round with the Los Angeles Clippers in the ’12-’13 season, Lamar Odom proved he still has what it takes to box out last season’s NBA MVP runner up, James Harden. After a much publicized dust-up in the Nevada desert, Khloe “The Bottom Shelf” Kardashian and estranged husband, Lamar Odom, have decided to call off their divorce. A little bizarre when finding your estranged husband unconscious, overdosed on cocaine and boner pills in a whore house would probably be the nail that seals the coffin for most marriages. But hey, who are we to judge these crazy love birds? Sorry, James Harden, but you just got kicked to the curb for a crackhead. I’d bet it was super easy for her to make that decision. Something tells me Harden is as just good at playing hard D in the bedroom as he is on the basketball court. 


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