Welcome to the Wolf of Faneuil Hall


This is dating from a mans perspective. How do you put a value on a person? well you really shouldn’t but what makes one girl worth more than another. In other words how to you rank her. By looks? education? dating history? divorced? married? Kids? These are all things that go into the evaluation of a girl. Before all you fem gals get mad at this blog, you know that deep down inside you do the same thing. The same girl who won’t date a guy because he isn’t good looking or doesn’t have a good job will be the first one to get all pissed about this blog. Basically I am helping awkward men out there evaluate their situations. If you are running for president someday, then you want a safe 6 or 7. If you going to be a baseball player, a wild 8 or 9 might be your speed. How do you get to these numbers? Well I will explain to you over the life of this page.

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