Red Sox Fans Are Unbearable? Well, Screw You Bill Murray.

You think Red Sox fans are unbearable, Bill Murray? You know what is really unbearable? Your acting career for the last twenty years. Outside of being a bonafide creep, what have you done for me lately, Bill? Garfield 1 & 2? The Monuments Men? Being the de facto leader of the Frat Bro Army at The Chive? Instead of running your mouth about how much you dislike Red Sox fans, you should be keeping it firmly planted around Wes Anderson’s pencil thin, pastel colored cock. Because these days, that is really the only thing you are good at.

P.S. – I hope you never get to see the Cubs win a World Series.


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P.P.S. – Who am I kidding? I love Bill Murray. I am a bad person.

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