Eleven Grams Of Blow Rupture In Your Belly- Of Course You Are Gonna Bite Someone Then Die

Ever do so much Cocaine that you were practically chewing your own face off? Well, how about doing so much cocaine that you were actually trying to bite someone else’s face off? That is pretty much what happened when a man became increasingly violent during a flight and took a bite out of a fellow passenger sitting just a few seats away. Twenty four year old Brazilian, John Kennedy Santos Gurjao, was flying Aer “Cuna”Lingus from Lisbon to Dublin when the equivalent of three eight balls of cocaine opened in his stomach. He was smuggling two pounds of cocaine, spread out over eighty pellets in his belly, when one ruptured during his flight and sent him into a frenzy before suffering a seizure and dying. The woman he was traveling with was arrested when the plane made and emergency landing in Cork, Ireland and found to be possessing cocaine, as well. Albeit, in her luggage as opposed to her bread basket.


This leads us to a very basic facts of life out there on the slopes. You know how it feels. You rip a line of blow and boom: immediate BUMP AND DUMP. If you don’t, well, go get a bag and get some life experience. You’ll thank me later. Now imagine if three balls popped in your tummy. Jesus, that sounds desperately unpleasant. Poor guy, I would probably be trying to bite someone’s face off too if I had the coke shits that bad.


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