Eric from the Arty & Eric Radio Show vs Ashley Alexiss

It has long been a fact that the day before Ashley Alexiss won play boys miss social she called into the Arty and Eric Radio show. At the time the show was on unregular radio the next day after being on the show she ended up gaining enough votes to win miss social. 

Since then Eric has been trying to get Ashley to come on but she refuses. “I just want her to come on real quick. We are big fans and I think we did play a part in her winning” Powers says. ” the stations recording device was down that night, wish we had it recorded damn it”. 

When we asked Eric’s long time friend and co-host Arty 84, this is what he had to say: “I think Eric is just hurt, like a bird who fell from the nest. He has a crush. I once heard him say that him and Ashley would make a wonderful couple. I like blue sky’s at night, do you?”

With Ashley’s new show #fixmymom coming out Tuesday October 27th, Eric is hurt she didn’t promote it on the Arty and Eric Radio Show live world wide on Wednesday nights from 7pm est to 8 on

“Ashley our next live show is on Wednesday October 28th” Eric says, “please call in, I’d like to give my charm a chance on you and maybe your mom wants to chat too!”

Tony Sabarori

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