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Oprah Gobbles Up 10% Of Weight Watchers. Millions Stop Watching Weight In Fear Of Being Eaten By Oprah.

The Dr. Phil endorsing, ever amassing blob otherwise known as Oprah has made herself quite the purchase. The media titan has shelled out a whopping $43.2 million dollars to eat up 10% of Weight Watchers. She also has a option to slurp down an additional 5%. The news sent stocks soaring and watchers of weight running in fear of their personal safety. While many say that they would love to look better and feel healthier, most believe it is just not worth the 1.5 out of 10 chance of getting eaten alive by Oprah. One dismayed dieter even went on the record to say, “I would rather be fat, happy, and alive than living out my days inside the belly of a whale.” Wouldn’t we all.


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