The Four Horsewomen of WWE NXT

The Four Horsewomen of NXT are leading a revolution in WWE women’s wrestling. Charlotte Flair, daughter of the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, is the current WWE Diva’s championship. Bayley, a spirited and lively competitor with amazing charisma, has captured the imagination of little girls in arenas around the world as the NXT Women’s champion. Sasha Banks, a Boston girl and cousin of Snoop Dogg, was responsible for unseating Charlotte as NXT Women’s Champion. She then lost the same title to Bayley earlier this year in a match many consider a 2015 Match of the Year Candidate. Becky Lynch, the sparkplug “Lass Kicker” from Ireland, is more technically competent in ring than many of her male contemporaries.

By dubbing themselves this generation’s dominant faction, these four women are working to change the perception of WWE’s traditionally over sexed presentation of women’s wrestling to one known for athleticism and physical pageantry. Match by match, they’re shaping women’s wrestling by emphasizing stories in and out of the ring and evolving each character into more fierce, nuanced warriors, without exaggerating their sexuality and by avoiding one dimensional roles as arm candies or damsels in distress.

The revolution is real. It has attracted other stand out women as well (Asuka, Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, Alexa Bliss). It dares to make women’s championship titles mean more than standards like the Intercontinental or United States Championships. With Bayley vs. Sasha Banks having headlined the latest WWE Takeover pay-per-view, all this momentum begs the question: can women’s professional wrestling perhaps surpass men’s?

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