Does Your Mom Love You Enough To Smuggle Meth and Oxycodones Into Prison For You?

The Oregonian – “Brandi Lynn Miller needed help, so she did what many daughters would do: She called her mom. The only problem was Miller was behind bars and she wanted some meth. It had been two months since the 29-year-old had been booked into Multnomah County’s jail system on accusations of identity theft for allegedly raiding Portland-area mailboxes. Her 53-year-old mother soon came to her rescue. In March, the mom stuffed prescription drugs into two tampon applicators and taped them to the back of a toilet bowl at a Gresham dental office where her daughter had gotten special permission for treatment.”

I have been living in Boston since 2007. My Mom has never visited me up here. NOT EVEN ONCE. Bitch lives in New Jersey. You will never love me as much as Brandi Lynn Miller’s mom loves her. Smuggling her drugs in jail, bring her money for snacks and shit. Fuck you, Mom. Be more like Elizabeth Kay Sparkman and love your son for once.


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