American League down to 2 teams, Jays & Royals

Well it was one wild night in the United States hat, Canada. A 50 something minute inning that included a rule being applied that hasn’t been seen in sometime and a hell of a home run from Jose Bautista with a dropped bat and the benches clearing. It was great! If you don’t like baseball, there is something wrong with you. Greatest game I have ever seen. What did I learn? Well make sure when your playing catcher, you keep and eye where the batters bat is and DON’T HIT IT when you are throwing the ball back to the pitcher! As you read this the Mets and Dodgers are going at it, so go #METS. One thing is for sure though, no matter what, all 4 teams will be blue in the finals. Blue? why so sad your in the playoffs kid! Why so Blue Panda Bear? Little boy blue, because he needed the money. OK you got the hint.

[mlbvideo id=”523113083″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]


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