Why 90’s Wrestling Fans Should Jump Back In: WWE NXT

On Monday March 21st 2001, the WWE’s Vince McMahon announced that he had purchased his rival World Championship Wrestling. In the years that followed, fans of both companies eagerly anticipated dream matches never before possible:

Sting vs. The Undertaker

The Rock vs. Kevin Nash

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Goldberg

What they got instead were lop-sided fights meant to showcase the superiority of the McMahon Legacy:

Triple H vs. Scott Steiner

The Rock vs. Booker T

The Big Show, Billy Gunn, and Albert vs Shawn Stasiak, Chris Kanyon, and Hugh Morrus

The winners write history.

Today, there is a growing brand of professional wrestling that has managed to capture all the excitement and unpredictably of wrestling’s incredible 1997-2001 Attitude Era. It’s a brand that has captured all the best elements of professional wrestling, minimizing the focus on over the top misogyny or sexuality, yet enhancing the same spectacularly staged violence fans crave:



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