Canadian Thanksgiving, Ah


Most of us here in the states knows the second Monday in October as Columbus day, and what a great man he was. The Canadians don’t fancy the Italian sweetheart and decided they were going to rip off the Americans and make a Thanksgiving. Sure Canada had Indians and English people and diseases that wiped out large groups of people in a few weeks, but did they have Plymouth MA? nope. I know there are a lot of Canadian lovers out there, because of their health care and how polite they all are, but Canadian Thanksgiving is where I draw the line. I hope you all enjoyed yesterday up there in the United States hat, but when you are an 18 year old American and you go up there for a long weekend in October and find out everything is closed the last day you are there, well maybe you should put up flyers or something letting us know you are having a Turkey day, that’s all I am saying.

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