Red Sox Raise Prices, What What?

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Are you kidding me Red Sox? Your prices are going to go up? for what reason? What the hell am I paying for? A last place team on the field and more heartache. The Red Sox are like a bad girl friend that makes you dinner then when you walk into the bedroom she is laying in bed with your buddy Eric wearing a Hawaiian shirt. The owners of the Sox have to be soft. They are all like “well if you buy it before 12/31 the prices will be the same as 2015”. I want 1986 prices damn it! Here’s a true story, I love the Sox. I have chairs from Fenway Park in my living room. I was the MLB Fan Cave Finalist in 2013 for the Red Sox. watch videos here. In 2002 I went on the season ticket list and was called the last 2 years to buy them and I said no, know why? The reason is because I can buy the tickets cheaper on the aftermarket rather then paying full price for crap. Stop paying for over prices crappy players and charging 11 bucks for a beer and making kid cry. Boo Red Sox, a big fat Boo. Get TB12 on your team and maybe we’ll talk.

A breakdown of 2016 ticket prices can be found here

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