13 Different Types of Women You Should Try to Avoid

Throughout life, you encounter several different types of women on the dating scene. Some you build meaningful and lasting relationships with, others are a toxic train wreck waiting to happen. Some guys don’t see the warning signs until the crazy in her can no longer be contained. While there are always exceptions to the rule, if you are looking for something serious, this is my personal field guide to the several different types of women you could encounter and the level of caution you should take.

The Type: The Possessive Girl
Level: Avoid at all Costs
The Possessive Girl reflects to much on past negative relationship experiences. She will use those past negative experiences to judge her current relationship and could eventually start making assumptions that aren’t true. As a result, she might think you are screwing around with every female that looks in your general direction. She might want to check your phone and basically interrogate you about everything you do when she isn’t with you
The Type: The Woman who Can’t Stop Talking about her Ex Boyfriend
Level: Flag
This one is easy to spot because it happens when you first meet them. It’s one thing if you ask about an ex, its another thing when for no reason she keeps bring him up. When I see this, it is often a sign that the person truly isn’t over there ex and shouldn’t be dating in the first place. However, if you are the type of guy who is trying to capitalize on someones vulnerability for an easy lay, this is your girl. If you are looking for something with meaning, walk away.
The Type: The Lush
Level: Flag
The lush isn’t exactly a party girl. There is a difference. We will get to that shortly. The lush is someone who drinks heavy on a very regular basis. I’m not talking 1-2 drinks a night. She drinks more like 4-8 drinks a night, every night. Lushes have good and often sometimes stressful careers and fall under the “functioning alcoholic” category. She can support herself. Her drinking habits don’t seem like an issue at first since everything appears under control and she presents herself like a lady, but she could very well come off the hinges at any moment.
The Type: The Religious Nut
Level: Avoid at all Costs
Nothing against religion, but to much of anything is bad for you. When everything is god this and god that it’s definitely a sign that something is a little “off” in the head. You can easily spot these kinds of people. Just look into there eyes. If they appear dead, black and soulless, run!
The Type: The Party Girl
Level: Flag
I guess it all depends how old you are and what you are looking for. If you are looking for a fun time that won’t amount to anything then you might want to seek out a party girl. The party girl is similar to the lush. She drinks a lot. Goes out with her girlfriends and wakes up not remembering her night. However, the the party girl is usually younger than the lush and hasn’t established a career yet. She is often spacey and bubbly but can potentially turn violent when intoxicated.
The Type: The Bisexual Woman
Level: Flag
I know. I know. Every guy likes the idea of having a girl who wants to bring another girl into the bedroom, but we all know if this scenario plays out it will most likely end the relationship down the road. Those who can handle and tame this kind of relationship, I give you all the credit in the world but dealing with one women is difficult enough.
daddy issues
The Type: The Girl with Daddy Issues
Level: Avoid at all costs
This one typically has me running for the hills every time. A women who grew up with a shittie father or without any positive male influence in her life is typically a girl you don’t want to be involved with. These types of women often look for love in all the wrong places and push aside any good guy that might be coming there way. There is a small precent of women with daddy issues who turn it around, but I feel like that percent is so small. It’s best to just avoid.
The Type: The Leech
Level: Avoid at all costs
The leech is a woman who latches onto a guy only because he kisses her ass and does everything for her. She has no physical attraction to the guy. Hell, she probably doesn’t even respect him. She is just using him because she knows he will pay for everything and she enjoys the attention. She will eventually grow bored of the guy and move onto the next person.
gold digger
The Type: The Gold Digger
Level: Avoid at all costs
The gold digger is similar to the leech. However, while the leech targets anyone who will do anything for her and feeds off the attention, The gold digger isn’t independent at all and only targets people with money. Her goal is to survive as comfortably as possible with minimal effort.
wedding ring
The Type: Still Married
Level: Avoid at all costs
It doesn’t matter what she tells you. Even if she says she is separated and going through a divorce, it’s not worth the hassle and potential headaches.


The Type: The Women Who Has Slept With Your Friend or Friends
Level: Avoid at all costs
I never have, but I don’t think I would feel comfortable being in a relationship and “planting my flag” in a spot where a friend has and if she is the type that has been with more than one of your friends then its more than likely she is trying to make someone in your circle of friends jealous. Run, your friends are more important.


The Type: The Self Saboteur
Level: Avoid at all costs (might not know until its to late)
These are women who are capable of finding good men, but when they do and things start to get serious, they don’t know how to handle it. As a result, they blow up for no reason when everything seems perfect and end the relationship.
The Type: The Drama Inducer
Level: Avoid at all costs
This is just a headache. There are actually people out there who always feel the need to start drama on a regular basis. They live and thrive off it. Me personally, I love drama. It’s entertaining as hell, but not when its mine.

Well, that’s my list folks. I can think of various other sub groups that work off of most of these but this is my basic list. Beware, you never know what you might just come across.

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  1. It’s “their exes” not “there”. If you expect to be taken seriously as a professional, learn to proof read or hire someone to do it for you. Writing like an uneducated buffoon will not improve your credibility. Learn the difference between there, their, and they’re. You might also look up your, you’re, its, and it’s, just for practice.

  2. It’s “their exes” not “there”. If you expect to be taken seriously as a professional, learn to proof read or hire someone to do it for you. Writing like an uneducated buffoon will not improve your credibility. Learn the difference between there, their, and they’re. You might also look up your, you’re, its, and it’s, just for practice.

    • Didn’t know i was being graded. Thanks dad! A professional? lol Look at my content buddy. I dont exactly aim to be serious. If I did, i would care a little more. Unfortunately, the correct form of writing is dead & most people don’t care as much about grammar or punctuation. All that matters is that you get your point across. Thanks for reading

      • Yes, professional dummies like you don’t care. I am not your dad and if I were, I would kill myself in shame for having allowed you to grow up so uneducated.

        Your point seems to be you are proud of being ignorant and intend to stay that way. I will never waste my time on your content again It’s mostly BS anyway.

      • Funny how you attack a person based on incorrect grammar, yet your missing a period after the word ‘again’

      • FYI, you ignorant asshole, that is a typo in punctuation that no spell checker will catch. I would not expect such a deliberately ignorant POS like you to know the difference between grammar and punctuation. Thank you for confirming the reality of your abysmal stupidity.

        Now, obey the biblical imperative to “go forth and multiply thyself.”

  3. How dare you use improper grammar when their is children out their somewear not known wear there next meal is coming from. Weather you know now it or not your the reason innocent unarmed black teenagers are shot then unarmed mix raced children.

  4. sirman, why are you so mad at Adam?

    • I am not mad, I a disgusted with someone being so proud of being an ignorant asshole.

      Help find jesus? Show me even ONE contemporary reference to this mythical character.

      All religion is a scam and only the stubbornly stupid could believe in any of that BS.

  5. are you a “white knight” trying to defend the ladies in the world you have no chance in hell with? why don’t you tune in to the AE Radio Show on wen night from 7-9PM est on http://www.wemfradio.com to help find jesus

  6. Someone looking for me?

    • Only people stupid enough to believe you ever existed. That’s why I always ask for proof. Cowardly christian fools always try to pretend the question was never asked because even they know they cannot answer it. I have never met a christian that was not a liar, delusional, or a hypocrite. Usually, all three at the same time. Again, show me a contemporary account of the mythical jesus. Either that, or slither back under your cloak of intentional ignorance.

      You’re another goddamned (pun intended) liar aren’t you. Go fuck yourself, shit for brains.

      • You enjoy using the word ‘ignorant.’ Yet, your frequent use of profanity might suggest the same for you as well. Regardless, I would still like to thank you for contributing to our comment section & providing myself & “ignorant” peers with hours of laughter from reading your senseless & off base yammering. Cheers! 😉

      • I use the word, “ignorant” because that is what you have shown yourself to be. Instead of responding to simple challenges, you try to change the subject (as I expected) so you could evade showing more of your stubborn stupidity. I use the language I do to descend to a level that even a moron like you can understand.

        Your “peers” are laughing? You’re a goddamn liar. They are likely cringing in shame that someone like you is so intentionally ignorant and demonstrates the cowardly behavior I predicted. Prove anything I have posted is not true. Prove anything you have even thought in your entire wasted life is true. I am the one that’s laughing. With every post, you demonstrate that I am right and you are a hopeless cretin.

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        Now, put up or STFU, asshole.

  7. Nice content. Useful and experience talk. Only sensitive & cool minded mature people can deeply understand them n apply them into their lives without getting mad though. Thx for the time to share it with us. I won’t blame those being sarcastic or angry. Coz I think they suffered a lot from their past n got their wounds green again after reading this. I had a daddy issue gf once. I can’t even share that experience here coz of its bizarre n immoral nature. I’m just trying to forget that once I get involved in another relationship

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