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7 Real Hilariously Bad Inventions

The world is filled with brilliant inventions that have helped shape history. This article is not about those inventions! Sometimes creativity and stupidity cross paths and give birth to something that is most likely listed below. These are some of the dumbest inventions that I have ever come across on the internet.
The Car Exhaust Grill
Have you ever wanted a burger so bad but don’t have the time to make one or take five minutes to go through a drive through? Are you so into multitasking that you would like to cook a burger while you drive and want a kick of car exhaust flavored into it? Your in luck! A company in Iran (yes I said Iran) has your back! Yup, this device latches onto your muffler as it cooks a beef patty. I’m sure it’s totally safe.
The Goldfish Walker
I thought walking your cat seemed a little ridiculous, but this goes above and beyond. Does anyone really think that a fish actually has the brain capacity to appreciate anything you really do? I guess someone does. This um handy looking walker was designed to parade your little aquatic friend around the neighborhood. By the looks of it though, I already notice several issues. 1. I hope you are walking (well rolling them) along on a smooth surface. One wrong bump could cost your fish it’s life. 2. I live in New England. Our side walks aren’t known to be that spacious. I guess I plan on being a total sidewalk hogging ass and not let anyone pass me.

Is that Larry David?

The DVD Rewinder
I don’t get it. Am I missing something? I am assuming the person who invented this has never watched a DVD before and thought they must work the same way as a VHS tape. How did this even make it past the testing phase to become a legit product? You would think someone in the testing group would have been kind enough to say “umm you don’t need to rewind DVD’s.” Then again, maybe they all snickered and laughed at the stupidity of it, put on a fake smile and just said “This is great”!

Glad this was invented. DVD rewind technology has come such a long way.

The Privacy Scarf
The look of this just creeps me out! What could you possibly be looking at that needs this amount of privacy. You must suffer from extreme paranoia and have a desire to frighten small children in public if you plan to sit in a public place with this on.
This guy must have a serious porn addiction problem.

This guy must have a serious porn addiction problem.

Bar Sound Bubble
Ever been on a date and thought to yourself….”I wish I could hear my date better. It’s to loud.” Well, I’m sure she will be so impressed that you care so much about what she has to say when you break out this convenient handy device to eliminate sound. I can only imagine the look of confusion when you are seen walking through the door of a bar with this device.

Hope neither of them have bad breath. How can you even fake being happy in this thing?

The Neckpro
Aren’t you sick of all the neck pain you get from keeping your head up all the time?  Well, this device that can also double as a future suicide attempt is just for you! The neckpro claims it helps relieve neck pain but looks more like a desperate cry for help if you ask me.
Don't do it!

Don’t do it!

Ice Skating Baby Holder

How many times have you got into a fight with your significant other over who was going to ice skate while someone watches the baby? I know right! It’s these kinds of decisions that makes life so difficult doesn’t it? Well, now the baby can join the fun! Just the look of this thing screams “disaster waiting to happen.”
Just don't fall & don't break right if I break left.

Just don’t fall & don’t break right if I break left.

– Adam Mallett

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