Arty & Eric Radio Show – 2015-03-01 – EP 067


Ep – 067

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Code Name “Robert Kuechenberg“. Live in studio, the whirl wind report guy, Adam Mallett and calling live from Bermuda, Eric Danger Powers. We start off talking about the new great app called “Happn”. A couple if high dudes behind us are playing RBI baseball on the original Nintendo. We talk about the pub crawl from last year. Its Arty’s little sisters birthday today. Adam has decided to talk about his weird roommate that he met on tinder, but its OK because Arty and Adam met on Craigslist. We talk about the wonders of Doctor Todd. Arty and Eric are coming up with a new tv show called “Wing Men”, where the boys become flight attendants and bang girls all around the world with their pilot friend. SNL had their 40th anniversary show, so we discuss. Eric shares a story about how he was an amateur porn photographer. Of course March 14th is the Arty & Eric Radio Show Pub Crawl. This show is brought to you by The Pack [dot] Com for all your sports, chicks and drinking needs. Also a whirl wind report by Adam Mallett. Show produced by Danny of WEMF Radio @wemfradio –

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