LA – No Football Teams to 3 Football Teams?


What up Kedddds

84 here. I know what you are thinking, where the hell have you been? Its been a crazy year of radio shows, but the packie is going to be hitting it hard this covering more topics, sports, stories ect. I figured I would start with a story that I heard this morning on the ride in to the office. LA to possible get 3 NFL teams? Well no, the most there would be is 2 and here is why. The St. Louis Rams, once the LA Rams have been in talks with LA for a couple of years now that when their lease is up in St. Louis, they want to move back home. On the AFC side of football, both San Diego and Oakland, who are in the same division and both play in very out-dated stadiums, have been in talks to build a combined stadium in the LA area and in turn becoming home to two NFL teams. It is basically a race to the finish line, If the Raider/Chargers deal goes through, the Rams are out. If that is the case, where will the Rams call home? My best guess is that they will stay in St. Louis, although as payback for leaving town, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rams work out a deal and end up in San Diego, Oakland or possibly Las Vegas. LA for a city who hasn’t had football since the early 90’s might be getting back on track. It will be odd seeing two teams share a stadium who are in the same division though. NYC pulls it off with two complete different fan bases, LA would be a challenge. Also with teams on the move, Jacksonville may find a new home if one of those 3 teams pack up and leave. These changes could happen as soon as 2016, but we will just have to see.

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