Arty & Eric Radio Show – 2014-07-20 – EP 049


Ep – 049

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Arty and Eric live at their new home on WEMF Radio in Cambridge MA. Special guest, from the whirl wind report, Adam Horse penis Mallett. Adam is the third guy on the card. We talk about Arty just turning 30 the day before. Arty takes on a new decade. Eric talks about his 16 hour coma he was in. We talk about porn, porn stars and other porn related activity. We talk about the Vegas trip that Arty and Eric took back in 2008. Adam talks about his fourth of july three way. We talk about pregnant chicks, pros and cons. The wolf of Faneuil hall stops by to talk about girls when they get older. We talk about how our generation is terrified by STDs. We talk about chat rooms, so we decided to actually go into a chat room and chat roulette. Eric talks about one of his weird dreams where he looked like Drake and we talk about how Adam fathered a kid that turned out not to be his.This show is brought to you by The Pack [dot] Com for all your sports, chicks and drinking needs. Also a whirl wind report by Adam Mallett. Show produced by Dave C. of WEMF Radio.

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